Pickers Paradise – Arty’s Surplus Store

One of hubby’s favourite shows is American Pickers so I brought him to Arty’s Surplus Store so he could discover interesting pieces with history and character. He also got an insight into what I do and love – looking for that special piece! Its one of the things I enjoy the most. It feels like a treasure hunt and there’s plenty of treasure at Arty’s.

Arty’s Surplus Store is based near Penrith, NSW and has everything from Antiques to crates, suitcases, furniture and fabric. There’s items to hire and buy. Artys  have been known to have a TV shows and movies come to see what is on offer for their productions. Arty himself is a great guy – friendly, knowledgeable and helpful!

What I love about Artys is that it has a large range,  is affordable, perfect for DIY-ers who enjoy restoration or love vintage pieces. I was introduced to Artys when I was styling a rustic wedding. We purchased a ladder for $35 that became a central part of the wedding décor. It scrubbed up well!

As a stylist I’m always browsing, looking and shopping for props and pieces to use for events or photography shoots. You can certainly buy props that look vintage at retail shops but there’s nothing like the real thing. I also like that Artys will buy your items too so you can clear some space in your home.


Below are my favourite pieces during my recent visit. I left with just a square tea box crate (featured above) but there was a lot more I stored in my memory for my next job.

Here are more pieces that might interest you.  Please note that they currently have a CLEARANCE SALE on over 1000 rolls of material.  At $5 a roll I’d snap it up while you can!

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For more information on Artys check them out here.

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