5 Wise Weddings Words

Congratulations to all the engaged couples out there! This is one of the most significant and memorable seasons of your life when you’re surrounded by all your nearest and dearest. It is a beautiful time and I hope you enjoy your journey to the altar. Truthfully, it can also be very emotional and stressful so here are 5 Wise Wedding Words of advice to get you ready for your happily ever after and keep you engaged and not enraged ;).


1) Have a great sense of humour

You know when you see this line in a job ad that it means it may be rough and the same can be said of planning a wedding. There are heightened emotions, unspoken expectations and a merging of two families and circles of friends. Don’t be surprised if feelings get hurt. Just roll with it, deal with it sensibly and laugh as often as possible. At the end of the day, you’re marrying the love of your life and all the other details are secondary to that. I recommend cheeky pintrest quotes, a good comedy for belly laughs or adopting a gracious attitude that can smile and laugh it all off.

2) Make decisions together

Different strokes for different folks but as much as possible try to make decisions together and alone initially. This season sets the tone and boundaries for your new life together and  apart from families so communicate this to your parents and close friends so it really is “your day.” Also, there will be an influx of opinions that may be overwhelming so try not to get caught up in the wedding “need to have the best” hoopla, compare and get yourself in unnecessary debt. If there is something you are gridlocked on (usually the guest list), leave it overnight and discuss the next day when the emotions have boiled over.

3) Delegate, delegate, delegate!

Following the decisions, make sure you utilise your bridal party to help with whatever can be delegated. You may be shy to ask and afraid to be called “bridezilla”  but you’re better off getting things done so you can enjoy the time and \your loved ones are usually keen to help in any way they can. This can be anything from picking up items, creating bonbonnieres, following up suppliers to  delegating related events like an engagement party, bridal shower, kitchen tea or rehearsal dinner.

4) Go on “no wedding talk” dates

In the flurry of details, ensure you spend quality time together outside of the wedding plans. You may see sides of your fiancée you never knew existed under all the stress so go out and have fun! This will keep you both sane and grounded.  There is a marriage following the wedding after all! If finances are an issue, sweet thoughtful notes, a DVD or the like can work just the same. Just like they tell parents to go on dates and not talk about the kids, go on dates that don’t involve wedding planning and could potentially end in a fight.

5) Spend time with your family and friends

Just like above, it would be a great idea to create memorable moments and meaningful conversations with your family and friends before you get hitched. Your parents, siblings and close friends will miss you immensely and may be sentimental so its always nice to get together, reminiscence and possibly cry it all out before you walk down the aisle. Pay particular attention to your parents. As much is it a day to celebrate your love, it is also a significant day for your parents who raised you so be mindful of their feelings and wishes. My parents and I had a countdown to the wedding and we cried, laughed and bonded well up until and beyond the day.


As crazy busy as it can get, there’s nothing like a wedding to bring people together, celebrate and say thank you to all those who have loved you along the way. Enjoy the ride and remember it is one day of the rest of your lives together so stay grounded, take care of yourself and your loved one, be practical and remember that it is all about your love.

Hope the above has helped in some way.  It will be a beautiful day. Happy Wedding to you all!

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