Daisy & Dot’s Baby Blessing

Recently we had celebrated our Baby Blessing aka our Baby Shower with our family and friends.

It’s not a celebration without cake, games and sweets and pretty décor, here are some things we chose to do to make it personal, unique, memorable and fun!



I decided to have a Ladies High Tea at a new café, The Rusty Flute. We were lucky enough to have the café to ourselves and it was great to fit in some girly time before I get engulfed in baby boy land.

True to my girly style, we made the attire and theme polka dots in honour of our little one’s nickname, ‘Dot’ together with flowers and pastel cues.

I had 2 jumbo pastel confetti balloons from Poppies for Grace frame the cake table and also had their balloon pops and flowers as the table centerpieces. I added tassels to the balloons and faux grass mats from Daiso for that extra fun detail.


Dot’s Growth Game – Every week I’ve been celebrating our little one’s progress in my womb so we played a game that matched the size/weight of the baby to the week of development. We used the images I styled on Instagram and the prize was a fitting fruit basket with various fruits and vegetables.

Face Swap – We then did a Face Swap game where we gave groups photos of us and our families and they cut and pasted what they thought our baby would look like with our mix of features. It was funny and some photos gave me cause for pause. Haha!

Dot to Dot Trivia – Lastly, we had a trivia game where for every correct answer we got to join the dots. The completed dot to dot image made up a profile of Dot’s 19 week scan.

Activity – Notes on Bibs and Bums – we encouraged guests to write funny and encouraging notes on bibs and nappies so that we could have a chuckle when it came to feeding and change time. My favourites was “This poo will pass” and “Don’t nappy rash.” Check some more of them out below.




We had our lovely semi naked chocolate drip cake with fruit and pastel polka dots and vanilla cupcakes made by lovely Julie from Cake Bizness. Her cake was moist and delicious as always! I also had the gender reveal fortune cookies from Amazeology.

So the countdown, the baby classes and nesting continues. Thanks to all my family and friends who came to celebrate with us and all those who helped in any way.

Here’s to enjoying this special occasion and season of our lives.

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