Our Gender Reveal Announcement

I love a good surprise and sharing the gender of our baby with family and friends was no different. We thought about the various ways to announce it and decided to do a few things to herald our good news. Below I share the ways we chose to share the news but firstly I should tell you how we found out.

Hubby and both sides of our families thought we were having a little girl for sure! Our Obgyn mentioned that she thought she could see something but told us to wait for the ultrasound to be certain so we asked the technician to not tell us but write it on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope.

We then went to a café and I explained to the staff if they could check the results and put a pink macaron if its a girl or a green macaron if its a boy. She looked puzzled so I reiterated our odd request but wasn’t comforted when she wanted to charge me for 2 macarons when there was only 1 gender.

We waited while we had brekky and coffee but still no macaron so we followed up and the young lady who served us said she thought I said to give the envelope to the first girl that came along. We were horrified to think that a stranger had randomly received the gender of our baby. Luckily, the stranger that received the envelope soon returned it. Phew! The barista then picked the correct colour macaron and we opened it to find a green macaron for a boy. I double checked the results in the envelope as well.

It was a wave of surprise for our family, friends and us.  As a girly girl who grew up  with and knew all things girls, I naturally thought it was a girl and had visions of us twirling our skirts together. Although it was a surprise, it made me realise that my world would open up like never before, I would learn so much more and would be challenged out of my comfort zone. Nothing like love for your little one to grow and stretch you. We went from calling bub “dot” to more “dotster” so it was more fitting as well. Funnily enough, I became more protective and it made the responsibility of raising a little gentleman all that more real and special.

So after we found out, it was time to tell those in our world and here is how we did it.


A friend tagged me on Amazeology’s ( @iloveamazeology ) Instagram account and I thought their customized fortune cookie was a brilliant and sweet way to announce our news.

The message read, “Twinkle, Twinkle little Dot how I wonder what you are? Baby Dot is a BOY!” The fortune cookies not only looked good but tasted great as well. I chose them to be coated with white chocolate and colourful sprinkles but there are various options you can choose from. They worked perfectly as a celebratory treat!

See below our customized sweet treats from Amazeology.

Click here to see what else they create and customize.


To share our news to my side of the family I ordered the helium balloons in a box from Party House in Bella Vista. The box contained a mix of different sized and shades of blue balloons. It came wrapped in this polkadot pattern which was perfect since we called the baby “dot” before we found out what he was. The wrapping was supposed to be neutral but it only further made my family think it was a girl. They were shocked as I expected but it was a fun way to share the news with the kids! We even got them to write a short note on the box as their prediction.  We were in a restaurant so some of the balloons flew to the ceiling too but it was great to unwrap the box to reveal the gender.







To order your own gender reveal balloons in a box from Party House, click here.


For hubby’s family and some friends, we thought we’d order a gender reveal cake and cake pops from CREATEDwell. This was a sure way to enjoy dessert and reveal our surprising news. I opted for green instead of the traditional blue which caused some confusion but against pink it was clear we were having a boy. My Mum in law who has 4 boys of her own was particularly shocked but nothing like cake to soothe her.

To order your own gender reveal cake or cake pops or just order cake for no reason but to enjoy it, check out CREATEDwell’s Facebook page here or the Instagram page here.

We recorded and compiled another reaction video for the gender reveal and the above ways of announcing our news made it all the more fun, celebratory and sweet!

Hope this gives you some fun ideas for your little one.

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