Flower Power – A Guide to the Flower Markets

True to my name sake, I love having fresh flowers in my home and working space. I also love creating floral centrepieces for events.

If you are a DIY-er, you can purchase flowers at the Sydney Flower Markets at wholesale prices and can create a beautiful arrangement.

The Sydney Flower Markets or flower heaven as I like to refer to it is the best place to buy flowers at discounted rates. It is a busy place abuzz with growers, florists and the general public. You probably should know upfront that you need to have your wits about you as most people are on a mission and transactions happen thick and fast all over the place. So as much as you should soak up the pretty floral atmosphere, you should be prepared with an idea of what you what.

Below are some tips if you’re planning a trip to the Flower markets.  For helpful hints on how to create a simple floral arrangement with your spoils, read How to create a Floral Arrangement.


  • Bring bags or buckets to easily transport your floral spoils
  • Bring cash for vendors and for the vehicle $10 entry fee before 9:30am Monday to Friday. Saturdays have FREE admission.
  • Make sure to rise early in order to get the pick of the crop. Visiting no later than 7am. Alternatively, if you do go later you’ll have fewer options but some growers further discount their flowers. Sydney Flower Markets trade from 5am – 11am but the bulk of buying occurs before 9am.
  • Know what you want to purchase and have a quick stroll around as many vendors have the same variety of flowers
  • If you visit the markets regularly, familiarise yourself with the vendors as it’s always lovely to see a smiling and helpful face when you’re new to the whole experience
  • Have a budget, know that there are many options but you still get what you pay for. If a bunch of roses are $3 they may well be on their way out or diseased. Just have a thorough look before purchasing.

Sharen Souter, Florist and Creator of Flower Lab Co adds the following tips from her professional experience:

  • Have a list of what you want & a back up plan incase you can’t get what you’re after. Include quantities of bunches.
  • Stop swooning over everything & focus on what you need to buy….remember the list! I get very distracted!
  • Stop and smell the roses, be inspired and remember what vendors you liked so you can go back again and again.  

Have fun with flowers! They are beautiful, fragrant and can brighten any room or event.


Sydney Flower Markets

250-318 Parramatta Rd, Homebush West NSW 2140

Trading hours: Open  5am – 11am Monday to Saturday, Closed Sundays

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