Majestic Myanmar Design

Its been a little over 3 months till we visited beautiful Myanmar. It was stunning for many reasons; the people, the diverse surroundings of Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan and Ngapali, the food, colours, atmosphere but what I loved the most was the design and creativity I saw in nature, in their floral, creatures, handicraft, architecture and more.

Here’s some of my design highlights that inspired me. I hope it does the same for you.


I noticed this stunning sand patterns on the beach each morning and when I asked a local they explained it was a tiny crab, the Sand Bubbler Crab. They make sediment balls and create these beautiful patterns. It even inspired some people to add to their creation. We also saw circular patterns made by a sea slug in a shell and lots of hermit crabs that were always a treat to see.



The culture and colours of Myanmar are vibrant and beautiful. From the Kayan tribe wearing coils on their neck and legs, woven scarves, handicrafts and  their rubies both manmade and natural. These were my favourite images.


The street food was delicious and the produce was fresh. We also noticed that the ground was filled with orange blotches. We later learned it was tobacco with spices wrapped in a betel leaf. They chew and spit it out which explained the orange patches and smiles.


Myanmar is filled with pagodas, intricate designed buildings, pearls and items that just sparked my design eye. I saw interesting, inspiring things everywhere in Myanmar especially in Inle Lake where your only mode of transport is by boat and Ngapali where the beaches are not overrun with tourists but by inquisitive wildlife.

Grateful for our getaway to Myanmar. It was inspiring, warm, beautiful, interesting and fueled my creativity. Definitely one I’d revisit for its diversity in landscape, kind people and one you should consider as well. Thanks for the memories and inspiration Myanmar!

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