Candle love with Wickd Candle Co

Candles are a beautiful gift especially for Valentines. This Thoughtful Thursday gift is from Wickd Candle Co. I had the pleasure to style and ask Ruzica some questions about her beautiful candles.

I love that these candles are hand poured, smell divine (really lush – I love them!), are on trend but most of all Wickd Candle Co offers a refill service where you can recycle your candle vessel and save!

I hope this piece inspires you to gift candles or simply update your home with a lush new scent that relaxes you and your family.

Q & A with Wickd Candle Co

What inspired you start Wickd Candle Co?

I have always loved candles and always had them in my home but it wasn’t until my husband got me voucher to do a candle making course years ago that I realised it was something I quite enjoyed doing and making. I come from a Recruitment background but for the best part have spent the last 8 years moving around Australia because of the nature of my husbands work. Living in remote regions it wasn’t easy and sometimes impossible to buy good quality candles so it was nice to be able to make them myself. When my husbands job took him overseas a month at a time I decided to start Wick-d Candle Co, it gives me the ability to work my own hours and allows us to spend a lot of quality family time together along with our son when he is home.

What do you enjoy the most when creating the candles?

My favourite part of creating candles is the way my home smells afterwards, its quite a rewarding process being able to make something from start to finish that you can be proud of.

While the candle making process itself isn’t extremely difficult it does take a lot of patience and trial and error to be able make a candle that has a smooth milky white finish.

Temperature is a big thing with making candles if it’s too cold and the candles doesn’t cool slowly your candles will crack, so the temperature I pour candles at in my home may not work in someone else’s.

Wax itself is like a sponge also so it can only hold so much fragrance if you use to much fragrance the oils will seep through the candle wax, it really is a process that takes some time to master.

What is your best seller? Most popular scent?

Our Marble vessels are by far the best seller of the range, our two most popular scents at the moment are Champagne & Strawberries and Caramelised Pear.

Why do you love candles?

I love Candles because their timeless, trends now days are changing so frequently I think it’s hard and expensive to always be updating your home decor. Candles are an inexpensive way of being able to do that and can blend with anyone’s home interiors.

Why do you think people should buy them for themselves or why do they make for a great gift?

I love giving and receiving candles as gifts, I think certain scents trigger memories and make you feel a certain way so it’s nice to be able to come home to a beautiful smelling home that instantly makes you smile.

Interesting facts about Wickd Candle Co?

All our candles are hand poured in small batches and made to order. I prefer to do it this way as I can control the quality of the candles and make sure that our customers really our getting the best product for their money.

All our candles our made with high quality 100% Soy wax and we use cotton, lead-free wicks which makes for a clean eco-friendly burn.

The best part about our soy based  candles is once the candle is finished you can wash out the candle vessel with hot soapy water and be able to use it for something else, I use my marble vessels to keep my make-up brushes in once the candle has burnt completely.

We also offer a refill service if people prefer to use the same candle vessels they can post them to us and we will refill them with the scent of their choice for a cheaper price.

Special thanks to Ruzica and Wickd Candle Co for their time and kind donation for our Thoughtful Thursday Giveaway.

To check out more of Wickd Candle Co’s range (images soured from etsy), check out their etsy store here.


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