Easter Décor Inspiration

Happy Easter folks! I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend and the Easter Bunny has been generous to you.

I personally love the style, look and season of Easter.

Its bright, full of colour and a lot less stressful than Christmas!

If you’re still scratching your head for some Easter deco idea, here’s some last minute inspiration to pretty up your Easter on a budget.


Easter Egg Wreath Woodlands Theme

The first look is what I dub the Woodlands Easter, full of soft pastels, wooden logs and twine. It looks natural and the colour scheme is soft and sweet. It is perfect for an afternoon tea set up.

When I’m styling, I always look for an item that becomes the centerpiece of my decoration motif. It often dictates the colour scheme and feel of theme. For this theme, the Golden Easter Egg Wreath from Koch & Co was the focal point and inspiration. I love that this wreath can be used for Easter by hanging it on your front door or as an elegant table centerpiece by simply laying it flat on your table with a candle or a vase of flowers in the middle. Please keep in mind that the eggs are delicate. To get more value out of it, you can use it for baby shower or related occasions and even Mothers Day.

On a side note, I was pleasantly surprised by Koch & Co’s Easter range. I knew they had a great range for all things floristry but I did not expect their seasonal items to be so contemporary, on trend and so darn cute! You’ll see a few Koch & Co items as part of my Pretty Up! Picks given my recent trips there.

To achieve the Woodlands Easter look, you’ll need the following:

  • A Golden Easter Egg Wreath with pastel blue and pink colours from Koch & Co at $31.95
  • Various Natural Wood Slice sizes from Koch & Co starting from $2.95
  • Easter Egg baubles for $5 and Easter Crackers  at $2 from Kmart
  • Twine for a natural, rustic feel
  • Fresh of faux flowers from Koch & Co
  • Candles and Tea cups to evoke the warmth of Easter. The Salt & Pepper Peony Candle and the Robert Gordon teacup sets are from Tk Maxx.

You basically want this set up to feel natural, relaxed, earthy yet sweet.


This theme is full of fun! Bright colours, fun flowers and polkadots make up this theme. I think the colour purple always reminds me of Easter too. Its a good colour to style with and just happens to be the PMS colour of the year for 2018.

The piece that I chose for inspiration is the Faux grass items and the Vue Tea set with a cute dot design that reminds me of Easter Eggs.

To achieve this fun look you’ll need:

  • Kmart’s Artificial Grass Table Runner for $15. Please note that these are very popular so you’re best to call around your local stores first.
  • Faux Grass squares from Daiso that I used as placemats (most things are $2.80). I purchased these a couple of years back so not sure if they’re still available but I did see Koch  & Co have various sizes and rolls of soft, faux grass. It almost looks like moss which is cool.
  • Add bright flowers, Schmick polkadot napkins from Red Dollar, Easter bunnies and love heart chocolates for some sweet touches.

I think these polkadot ribbon rolls from Koch & Co also help to finish off your Easter Egg packs. So cute!

Easter Flatlay


Find me some bunny to love

I’m loving this Pink Felt Memo Board from Kmart! This easily can be the décor focal point of your Easter lunch. Its a cute way to welcome your guests, greet your Easter Egg hunters and just to have some word play fun.

To achieve this look, you’ll need:

Some bunny loves you

Hopefully that gave you some décor inspiration to brighten up your Easter spread.

Another lovely idea is to dress your hot cross buns with flowers. It’s all in the details after all!

Here’s a few more ideas and items that will make Easter even more pretty, bright & fun!

Have a beautiful and safe Easter with your loved ones!

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