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Working in weddings and events, you meet many suppliers and with some you just know they’re the real deal. I met Tim Engelbrecht, a talented photographer and founder of Hello Sweetheart at a wedding I styled.

From the get go Tim was down to earth, accommodating and you could tell he had both a passion for photography and people! I’ve been a part of a few weddings and by the end of it you’re at odds with the photographer because you’re so tired of being bossed around and told to smile rather than just be and enjoy the day.  That’s why I think it’s so important to find a photographer who just captures the natural moments, is respectful and isn’t too “in your face.” You need to develop a friendly rapport with your photographer as you spend as much time with them as you do your spouse on the day.

What I love most about Hello Sweetheart is that they have:

  •  An authentic style – a beautiful mix of colour and black and white shots
  • They offer value for money (I love that they offer mates rates to everyone.)
  • They give back to charity.

If Tim is anything to go by, you’ll have a beautiful day with a team you can entrust to capture precious moments you’ll treasure forever. Don’t forget to check out their current promotion too! See below.

Recently, Hello Sweetheart updated their website (looks swish) and listed Pretty Up! as a preferred supplier. (Thank you!) So I wanted to pounce on the opportunity and pick Tim’s brilliant brain. Below is the result of our conversation.

Q & A with Tim from Hello Sweetheart

How did you decide to become a photographer? How was Hello Sweetheart born?

I had a full time role as a Manager in the Disability Sector while I was occasionally doing some freelance film and photography work on the side. I started doing some reading and started questioning the work to play ratio that had been handed down to us by our parents and educational system. It wasn’t making sense to spend over half of my awake hours commuting in infuriating traffic and answering to horrible bosses.

There were some complications with one of the clients in the group home and the house was shut down. I was one of the lucky ones that didn’t have a choice, I lost my job and was pushed off the employment ladder. I needed to flap my wings and fly or hit the ground. So I decided to give business a serious crack and created Hello Sweetheart.

What are you favourite things/events to capture?

I am a wedding purist. I find photography without people or emotions very boring so I choose to exclusively shoot weddings and engagements.

In a wedding, what has  been your favourite moment to document?

I love the whole day, but my favourite moment of all time was at a Chinese wedding in Cabramatta. I noticed a few waiters with cool hairdos walking around serving people which I didn’t notice before, one of the waiters tripped over on the dance floor and the Macklemore lookalike started screaming. Everyone in the room thought the guy broke his leg, apparently he didn’t because some music dropped and he started spinning on his head. All the other waiters joined in flipping and spinning all over the place. It was a break dancing extravaganza and it blew my mind!

What’s your personal style of photography? Your signature shot?

I am a huge fan of using a 24mm wide lens when shooting couples at locations. I love how it warps the edges a little bit and sucks you in when you look at it. The wide lens also picks up lots of flare which I also love working with. I wouldn’t say it’s my signature shot but it’s definitely one of my favourites.

Do you have any advice for Brides and Grooms?

  • When you’re getting ready, always have music playing in the background. The same goes for the guys. It sounds really trivial and silly but it makes a big difference in defusing any potential awkwardness with camera shy people, it also makes everyone relax and enjoy the morning.
  • Make sure the guys check they all have their pants, I have been to two weddings where they were missing pants from their suits.
  • Make the speeches short at the reception, quality over quantity.
  • Tell your family to leave their iPads and entry level cameras at home, the chances of them looking over the images at any point in the future are very slim and let’s be honest, you’ll have professionals doing a much better job!

What are the best Sydney locations and times of the day for photos?

Best locations, that’s a tricky one! I discovered a few secret hot spots in the Royal Botanical Gardens the other day, that place is massive and the variety of shots you can come away with after an hour of shooting is incredible. I originally thought that place was overdone and boring but I was really surprised when I dug a little deeper and found some really interesting locations.


I love Tim and the Hello Sweetheart team’s work so much I wanted to share with you my favs while Tim shared a snippet of the sweet couples.


Pretty Up!: As a girly girl and a lover of things décor, I personally love the Bride’s sweet lace dress with capped sleeves. I also loved their ceremony décor. It was simple, fun, playful, contemporary and looks relatively easy to set up – always a bonus. I love that they stayed away from the traditional flowers and bows down the aisle and opted for balloons with dotted tassels.  Their day looks amazing and they got a variety of shots that were beautiful and even gave me Twilight flashbacks!

Hello Sweetheart: Tim is an architect who is studying to become a barber. Tim wants to open his own Barber Shop specialising in vintage haircuts. Tim is also learning how to create things with leather. The belts for his groomsmen were thoughtfully made by him. Sarah used to be a ballerina but is now an accountant. They both enjoy archery and the wilderness together. The ceremony was in a small Pennant Hills church. The location photos were in Cumberland State Forest and we did a gorilla style shoot on the way to the reception along a road in Dural jumping out of our cars and trespassing – its those moments that make for a memorable day and perfect shot! The reception was in a quaint hall in Galston and a bunch of friends and family helped with a BBQ because the caters backed out at the last minute. A true testament of family support and that marrying your love is most important on the day.  


Pretty Up!: I love that these shots are all sass,  colours and looks like a whole lot of fun! I especially appreciate the Bride’s unique bouquet that seems to be made from a mix of buttons and brooches. You can tell that this day totally reflected their sweet style and fun personalities.

Hello Sweetheart: Pete is half Indian so that explains the Indian flavour. Pete is a quiet accountant and JoJo is a beautiful, extroverted school teacher. JoJo specifically requested no traditional shots and promised me she won’t be posing for anything so we wanted to honour the Bride’s wishes. The ceremony and reception was held in the same location at the foot of the Blue Mountains. The catering was simple and excellent, it was like a home cooked meal on steroids and their wedding cake was an ice cream cake from Gelato Messina. We drove up a back road and jumped out along the way for location photos and dodged traffic for some cool highway style shots. The shots came out vibrant and full of personality just like the couple. 


Pretty Up!: I simply love how stunning these beachside shots are. It looks like a perfect day with blue skies and smiles all round. Such a beautiful wedding setting!

Hello Sweetheart: Corey and Amy met at church. Based in Sydney but growing up in Cronulla they wanted the wedding by the beach and took the risk of an outdoor ceremony. It paid off and looked magical! We intended to have location photos at the National Park on the cliffs but the Limo could not make the distance so we had to improvise. We sped down to a quiet beach in Cronulla and took some of the best snaps I have ever taken. The sunset was perfect. The highlight of the reception was the groomsmen’s break dance battle for the speech.


Pretty Up!: I am bias as I had the privilege of styling this wedding but I loved that the location, Tocal Homestead had several locations to capture sweet, rustic shots. It was a beautiful day and that bouquet by the Flower Lab Co. is still everything! If you want to see more of their special day and how we styled it click here.

I hope the above photos have convinced you to check out Tim and his team. Not only is he a great guy to deal with but he genuinely loves what he does. You won’t be disappointed! Check out more of Hello Sweetheart’s gallery and their price list here.

For a limited time only, when you purchase your Hello Sweetheart photography package, you’ll receive 15% off your Hello Sweetheart film.

Offers ends 31 December, 2015.

Thanks to Tim for his time and  allowing us to share his beautiful work.

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