Live a Juiced Life

When we arrived from Myanmar I wanted a drink but didn’t want a coffee and lo and behold I see The Juiced Life, a new Juice bar in town. I could tell that they had just opened and was fortunate to meet the Founder Allan and Store Manager Charlie who were both enthusiastic and helpful.

I asked them a couple of questions and not only liked their brand, bottles and ethos but who they were and what they’re about. Great customer service too!

What I learned was:

  • The Juiced Life started because Allan was often sick with the cold and opted to juice some fruit and vegetables instead of the usual antibiotics that weren’t as effective. He noticed a difference in his health, learned more about the health benefits from Nutritionist Fiona Workman and developed juices and products that add to your health without the artificial sugar and preservatives.
  • I explained to Allan that we often juice with Kale and he explained that uncooked Kale is difficult for the body to digest and process. I was happy to learn it and pass on the information to hubby.
  • The Juiced Life launched in 2015 and have NSW stores in Cammeray, Chatswood, Plumpton and Fountain Gate in Victoria.
  • When I asked about how they picked the locations, it was clear that there was the usual considerations but they also had a passion to educate the community of these healthy alternatives.

What I loved:

  • I was impressed with the fresh ingredients and great snacks. I tried a dark chocolate slice with almonds and pomegranate.  Yumo!
  • The research behind the menu. That the juices are natural and designed by nutritionists.
  • Appreciated the thought around the colours, messaging and imagery of the brand.
  • The impressive technology.
  • The personal, helpful customer service with care factor.

Here I thought that the juice phase was long gone and eclipsed by the Yoghurt craze  but am grateful for a healthy alternative that inspires me to inch closer to more healthy choices.

Thanks Allan, Charlie and the Juiced Life Team. Best of success to you!

On a side note, I discovered Kiwiberries, a cute fruit that looks like a tiny Kiwi Fruit and tastes like a sweet grape. I got them from Woolworths. Check with out too. Yumo!

For more information, check out The Juiced Life.

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