Nursery Notes

With just over a month to go, we finally finished setting up the nursery.

Like any project, the process for me is to:

  • determine  the colour scheme for the space
  • work out function and purpose of the room to adequately plan for where furniture should be placed
  • consider budget and incorporating existing items that hold sentiment and value
  • scope out furniture and place them in the space ensuring that the layout is practical to use.


Being a colour lover, I tend to love bold or pastel colours but for our first bub, I wanted to ensure his little haven was calm, classic and would enhance sleep. I didn’t want to overwhelm him and over stimulate his little mind with too many bright colours. I’m sure as he grows and develops his own sense of style and personality, colour will be added but at this stage I wanted it to be cool, calm and classic. Our antenatal class facilitator actually shared that she mistakenly overloaded her first nursery with colour and was advised to pair it back as it had an impact on her baby’s sleep or lack thereof.

The colour scheme was inspired by a kmart tin that was baby blue and had beige straps. I thought it was a contemporary take on the traditional blue and the beige with a touch of gold/bronze accents blended well with the creamish furniture pieces we chose or inherited.

                                                            Colour scheme inspiration – Kmart tin


Once the colour scheme was set, I came across these Pretty Up! Picks for furniture items:

  • My House blue fabric chair and foot rest that I initially thought was a kids chair but makes for a great nursing chair. I decorated this little nook with a lovely print my sister gave me when she found out I was pregnant. It reads, ‘Choose kindness and laugh often.’

  • Love LED Sign from the Reject Shop sits above the nappy change table and next to the window.  I don’t think it’ll be lit up often but the wood texture to it makes it homely. I can only imagine bub will eventually reach for it while I struggle to get a nappy on but its a good reminder when things get stinky in that corner.

  • The tall boy, lamp and beige canopy that resembles a circus tent over the cot was all from IKEA. The canopy is my favourite feature in the room and I hope bub feels snug and secure under it.
  • The gold shaggy Bayliss rug was from Plush that I purchased many years ago and the woven basket was from POCO.
  • The bedding and lush cloud blanket was from Target and ‘dotster’s’ first soft toy aptly named Crossey the Giraffe was from Alimrose. We hope ‘Crossey’ will soothe ‘dot’ when he’s cross or ‘noughty.’ 😉


Other things to consider when setting up a nursery or a space are:

  • Take note where the power points are as this might dictate the layout.
  • How does the room feel? Is it too squashy? Is it loud? Is there design cohesion or too many ideas executed?
  • Is it functional and works for the purpose of the room?
  • Is it low or high maintenance?
  • Is it a safe space? Are tall boys anchored? Is furniture secured well?
  • Can the design accommodate more? Can the occupant grow into it and the room style change accordingly?

Whatever you decide, I’m sure your little one will feel loved and treasured in their dedicated space. Let’s be honest, most of our little ones will be in our rooms for some time but at least they’ll have a space to call their own both in your home and heart.

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