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Our Thoughtful Thursday Giveaway partner this time round is Oscar and Wolf.

I met Julie, the founder, owner, creator, wifey and Mum (basically a Mumtrepeneur Extraordinaire) at the Sydney Kids Market and was crushing on her personalised pillows among her other great Interior, fashion and unique pieces perfect for kids and some for big kids like me!

She told me she had a graphic design background and she was so lovely I couldn’t help but share her offering especially as she works full time, manages a family home and works on growing her business.

Julie is all about her family and that’s how it all started. In fact, Oscar is her sweet son’s name and Wolf is his favourite toy in the whole wide world. So sweet!

I asked her a few questions to get a better insight into her world. I hope you too are inspired. Go Muntrepenuears – you can really do it all!


What inspired you to start Oscar & Wolf?

​As a new mum I found it really hard to find unique decor items and kids accessories in the stores. So I started making my own pillows and prints for my son’s Oscar’s room.

I gave them as gifts to girlfriends with new babies. I started getting more and more requests for my pillows, so I decided to open my etsy  store​ and I created my website.

Etsy and Instagram has opened my eyes to so many other small businesses run my mums just like me. I love hand making my products and know it is going to a child’s room in Australia or somewhere around the globe.

What is your favourite pieces to make and why? What is your best seller and/or what your son loves the most?

The best seller is the Black Cross Pillow it is modern and unisex. It could easily be placed in a nursery / study /living room or bedroom.

How do you manage being a mum, wife and entrepreneur?

It is very hard as I work full time as a Product Designer in the day and rush home to look after my son Oscar. I only start all my orders once he is fast asleep. My rules is that I always block out weekends as family time, I think this is very important with working so hard you need make time to relax and let your hair down.

What are your hopes for the future with Oscar & Wolf?

For Oscar & Wolf  to grow, so that I can do this full time which will allow me to spend more quality time with my family.

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To check out Oscar and Wolf’s great offering, go to www.oscarandwolf.com

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