Snuggle into Plush

One of the cosiest corners in my home is occupied by my Snuggle Chair from Plush. It is one of my favourite pieces of furniture – as occasional chairs go it is generously sized, swings 360 degrees, is made in a beautiful neutral fabric by Warwick Fabrics and is true to its name – snuggly and cosy to a tee! It’s so large in size that it envelopes you like a cuddle and comes short of a chaise on me… although I am short.

It is one of the pieces most commented in our home and I love its unique look and feel. I tell everyone that asks that it is from Plush and today I’m spreading the Snuggle love further because Plush currently has a Buy One Get One Free promotion on all their Sofas. The sale sadly ends on Sunday, November 8 but if ever you had your eye on a Plush sofa, now is the time to save.

My love affair started when I worked on the coordination of the Snuggle’s first photography shoot. At that stage there wasn’t as much choice but now Plush has a version of the Snuggle Chair to accommodate the whole family. There’s the original Snuggle Chair, the Snuggle Bespoke and the Snuggle Petite. You can get a version that doesn’t swing 360 degrees and even get an ottoman that neatly fits on the end if you wanted extra comfort.

I recently visited a Plush store to see what other pieces I’d love for our home and clients.

What I particularly like is that:

  • You can customise your pieces to suit you. There’s a Design Workshop section where you can personalise your sofa to suit your home. Sometimes you like a piece but prefer to tweak the fabric and in this instance you can!

  • They have a 10 year warranty . There’s nothing like having piece of mind that through life stages your sofa will be under warranty for a decent about of time. This is probably the longest warranty I’ve come across. Most are 5 years or less if that.

There were more pieces that caught my eye at Plush, here are some of them.

For more information on Plush sofas and their store locations, click here.

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