Target on Trend this Christmas

Its 91 days til Christmas and Target has launched their Christmas/ Summer range. I recently had the pleasure to see what’s coming through to stores and I was impressed! My first job at 14 & 9 months was at Target and it has definitely evolved since then. I’m glad to  the great changes as I’m sure Target customers are.

This year’s Christmas range is contemporary, on trend and value for money. It also offers some affordable  Kris Kingle and stocking filler gift ideas, perfect for office Christmas parties.


Here are my favourite Pretty Up! Picks from the new range. Some items are already in store and some will be available soon. Check you nearest store to avoid disappointment.

  • Lisa T’s continues to wow us with great décor pieces including pink glass pieces and mugs
  • Christmas table décor ideas – from traditional, summery to Pink & Charcoal colour themes. The decorations offering is broad enough for all family homes.
  • Round Watermelon towel
  • Monochrome & yellow dress for $59
  • Floral Mens’ shirt
  • Contemporary Towels
  • Donut Christmas decoration
  • Pastel Cushion for $20
  • Pineapple canisters
  • Inflatable cup cake
  • Drinking cups

These gifts are perfect for Kris Kringle and last minute stocking fillers.

This is just a taste of the range,  for further product details check out Target’s website here.

Happy Shopping!

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