The Vintage Pantry

The Vintage Pantry is a gourmet café nestled in the village shops of Pitt Town.

The décor was true to its name with a mix of vintage and rustic pieces, the food was great and the service is what was most memorable. As soon as we walked in, the waitress warmly welcomed  us in, patiently explained and waited on our orders. It took us a while to decide as the menu was so appetising.

I was told about Vintage Pantry by a friend who noticed them on Instagram. Most places translate beautifully on instaphotos but don’t live up to the hype but this place delivered.

Below are some happy snaps of the café and more highlights from our experience like their well decorated bathroom with baby facilities, the kids corner, the comfy lounge seating area, the floral wallpaper, the delicious desserts and the sweetly designed coffee cups. We were so full but I was determined to come away with the pretty coffee cup. Its these sweet details together with friendly service that makes the Vintage Pantry a great café to visit. The motto is “Where everything is made with love” and it sure felt that way.


My favourite features were:

  • The floral wall paper and comfy lounge seating area
  • The rustic tables with interesting table tops and chairs
  • The positive messages and typography used on their blackboards
  • Their elegant and homely bathroom
  • The space was family friendly. We had a mothers group meet next to us and they had no issue scooting in with their prams. They also had a kids corner and a drawing station to keep the little ones busy.
  • The retro /vintage inspired  pieces like their pastel coloured coffee machine and vintage magnets.

The menu has many great options but my friend and I opted for the homemade ice tea, a hot chocolate with impressive coffee art, Falafel on Turkish and Salmon and Dill on Turkish plus we couldn’t resist the Italian chocolate donut and Caramel cheese cake. We also had a side of beer battered fries which I loved! In retrospect we probably should have ordered their signature or popular item but we decided on keeping it simple for our first lunch. All items were delicious and satisfying.

  • Customer Service       ****
  • Food                                    ***1/2
  • Décor/Ambience         ***1/2
  • Location                            **
  • Price                                    ***
  • Highlight                          Customer service – attentive, friendly and accommodating
  • Low light                          Location – its a bit of a trek out but worth the country drive.

Thanks to Vintage Pantry for caring  about the details and making our trek out worthwhile. To learn more about The Vintage Pantry, click here.

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